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PADI Technical Dive Courses with Savedra Dive Center

PADI COURSES – Technical Diving

Technical diving requires the use of mixed gases, we do not make any additional charge for air or oxygen, helium however is charged separately. Gas use varies from one diver to another, we can give you an estimate based on the information you provide us during booking.

At no extra cost we can provide sidemount sets, back plate, wings and regulators for use during these courses, other required equipment will need to be rented, brought with you or purchased.

The materials for Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 are all included on the same CD rom compatible with Mac or PC, however the contents are PDFs so they can be transferred to your Tab or Smart Phone. As candidates may have these materials already from previous courses they are not included in the cost of your training and are charged at 3500 PHP. Materials for all other courses listed here are included in the cost, currently they are only available in paperback format. Included in the cost of your training are materials (except for Tec 40, 45 and 50, see below), certification and dives.

PADI Technical Dive Courses – Overview

Tec 40 22,000 PHP This is Tec level 1, a heavy focus is placed on equipment configuration and use, all of the basic motor skills necessary for a technical diver including propulsion, decompression theory, planning and executing a decompression dive. This course provides you with a certification to dive to 40 meters and execute limited decompression dives, this course bridges the gap between recreational and technical diving, typically conducted over 4 days.

Tec 45 22,000 PHP Tec level 2, this course touches upon what you learned in level one (Tec 40 or an equivalent course) and expands your skillset into gas switches and extended decompression. You will revisit motor skills learned and further refine them. Also covered in this program is technical diving rescue techniques, typically conducted over 4 days.

Tec 50 22,000 PHP Tec Level 3, in this course we introduce accelerated decompression, and increase the number and O2 percentage of your decompression gases. This course includes two shallow training dives plus two decompression dives to a maximum of 50 meters, with the option to try Trimix on the final dive, typically conducted over 4 days.

Tec 65 31,000 PHP This course trains the diver to use normoxic trimix, with oxygen content that can support life at the surface. This extends the divers depth range significantly and lays the groundwork for the full trimix course. Please note in addition to the course fees students will be charged for their own, and the instructors helium, instructor gas costs may be divided between a class, typically conducted over 4 days.

Tec Trimix 42,500 PHP This course trains divers to operate on the leading edge of open circuit diving using hypoxic Trimix blends, the full depth range of trimix is still being explored, this course will give the student experience down to 90 meters. Please note in addition to the course fees students will be charged for their own, and the instructors helium, instructor gas costs may be divided between a class, typically conducted over 4 days.

Technical Wreck Diver This is a course for experienced technical divers, for recreational wreck please see wreck diver under specialty training above. This course looks at diving on deep wrecks, employing decompression planning and dive procedures, line work, and the necessary skills to survive catastrophic gear failures in a manmade overhead environment. This course is typically conducted over 4 days.

Tec Sidemount Diver 16,000 PHP This course is aimed at Technical Divers wishing to learn the sidemount configuration, or for recreational sidemount divers with ambitions to progress as technical divers. This is the ideal course for backmount Wreck or Cave divers wishing to reduce their profiles to clear small restrictions. This can be combined any other of our Technical open circuit programs. This is typically a 3 day course.

Cave Diver Level 1 This course will build on what you learned in your cavern and/or Technical Wreck course. Taking you beyond the light zone in what many divers consider to be the most challenging of dive environments. Good team work, line work and gas management are at the heart of this training program, but there is much more to learn. This course is typically conducted over 4 days.

Cave Diver Level 2 Continuing your training from the level 1 course we refine your planning and cave diving abilities to further penetrate caves well beyond the light zone. This course qualifies you to go to places few other humans ever have or will visit. We will introduce concepts such as use of stage tanks and line work such as gaps and jumps. This course is typically conducted over 4 days.

Closed Circuit Rebreather We have available a variety of unit specific courses to train divers in the use of both manual and computer controlled CCR’s for both recreational and technical diving. Please contact us and supply some information on your goals. Courses can be packaged with or without the CCR, we can also help you find used units and package these with training programs.

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